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How to Start a Business: Your Startup Success

This ebook is a practical, impactful and easy to read 12-lesson course providing the vital tools to start your own business. The course will better equip the entrepreneur to:
•Make the decision whether to start a business;
•Decide what product to choose;
•Begin your business;
•Manage your business;
•Sell your business or product.

The ebook begins with the decision to start a business (i.e., advantages and disadvantages) and ends with how to successfully manage an exit (i.e., bankruptcy and merger) as well as all the important details in between (i.e., keeping organized, picking the right office space, and legal contracts). The individual with a big idea, the small business owner, and the thriving entrepreneur can benefit from this ebook.

YES! you can start a business!

Have you ever dreamed about developing your own unique idea for a new business into an actual company?

Do the hurdles seem insurmountable and the process of starting and funding a new company intimidating?

YES! understands the needs and passions of entrepreneurs!

Let us help you achieve your dreams!

YES! startup tips - to help you on your way!

Be an entrepreneur!

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Most people do! Research shows somewhere between 50-70% of people at some time in their lives think about starting a new business. Although the reasons to be an entrepreneur are myriad there are typically two main reasons:

  • Financial up side
  • Professional freedom

So what's the problem? Very few of us ever take that step to create their own business. Only 5% of the adult population currently work for themselves. Well, as most things in life, there are risks in being an entrepreneur.

  • Risk of failure
  • No routine pay check
  • Self-motivation

Despite these risks, are the advantages of entrepreneurship enough so that you are you willing to take that initial step for financial and personal freedom? We hope to show you the elementary steps of starting your own company that you can apply to your specific enterprise.

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What other professionals are saying!

As an independent contractor, I find the information in the materials provided by YES! to be easy to read and not intimidating. The detailed steps give the guidance needed to move forward to a life of entrepreneurship. I recommend YES! for sure as it is a great tool for my career. - Suzy K, business professional, Mt. Pleasant, SC - Nov 2017

As a successful entrepreneur, I discovered it was a compelling, thoughtful and informative guide for new entrepreneurs. It nicely details the main points of business ownership and product development. I would recommend to others! - Jeremy J, business owner, Charleston, SC - Jan 2018

Obviously written by experienced authors, the YES! Your Startup Success course added to my confidence in running my business. The course was concise and practical to me as an entrepreneur. It covers the most important issues of business ownership and development. I will recommend to other people starting a business! - Jennifer B, entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA

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Disclaimer: The YES! blog, social media pages and website are intended as general educational tools and are not for advice for any specific startup or issue at any company. Dr. Stewart is an entrepreneur and advisor to ophthalmic start-ups for general development plans and goals. He is not trained specifically in any one area of development or in entrepreneurship. Specific development questions should be directed to appropriate experts in the field in question. In addition, Dr. Stewart assists start-ups in identifying sources of potential investment funding for companies. Dr. Stewart is not a financial advisor.

YES! does not promise financial or professional success. Each potential entrepreneur should gather information from multiple sources and use appropriate attorneys as well as financial and trade advisors to make informed decisions on their own product and company.