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Is your startup ready? - Look before you leap? Let us help!

So many details! There is so much to learn and do, typically on a limited budget. Indeed, creating a start-up can be a daunting and lonely experience. It requires marked persistence, patience, wisdom and detail orientation.

We have personally assisted start-ups in the day-to-day activities of developing medicines, reviewed dozens of applications for funding with associated due diligence, published in the area of start-up business and possess deep experience working with new companies.

We Can Help You!

We can guide you with a quick overview of your new business starting with:

  • Administration and organization
  • Transition to your startup
  • Identifying your product
  • Market assessment for your product
  • Market research
  • Legal intellectual property protection
  • Who is your team
  • Licensing
  • Fundraising methods

Our Experience

Directing a start-up is a complicated endeavor that involves much “on-the-job training.” We have a unique perspective and knowledge to burgeoning CEOs creating their business due to experience as a:

  • Clinical and research physician
  • Day-to-day advisor
  • Advisor to start-ups
  • Deep experience in due diligence

Let us guide your company to success!

We have:

  • Advised the ophthalmic pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years
  • Worked with 51 separate pharmaceutical and device companies in clinical planning, study design and global product development
  • Member of the Encore Vision board of directors
  • Member of 15 company advisory boards

Leverage your success by gleaning from our vast experience!

Disclaimer: YES!, my blog, social media pages and website are intended as general educational tools and are not for advice for any specific startup or issue at any company. Dr. Stewart is an entrepreneur and advisor to ophthalmic start-ups for general development plans and goals. He is not trained specifically in any one area of development or in entrepreneurship. Specific development questions should be directed to appropriate experts in the field in question. In addition, Dr. Stewart assists start-ups in identifying sources of potential investment funding for companies. Dr. Stewart is not a financial advisor.

YES! does not promise financial or professional success. Each potential entrepreneur should gather information from multiple sources and use appropriate attorneys as well as financial and trade advisors to make informed decisions on their own product and company.