Who We Are

Bill and Jeanette Stewart, Entrepreneurs and Development Strategists.

For 25 years Bill and Jeanette Stewart have developed and run successful and profitable small businesses. They have also helped others reach success within their own businesses and have been involved in bringing innovative products to market.

YES! founders are thriving entrepreneurs and development strategists. As serial entrepreneurs themselves, and from their experience working in and with startups, Bill and Jeanette Stewart can help YOU turn YOUR dream into entrepreneurial success.

Achievements since forming their first company:

  • In 1992, developed a successful site maintenance organization (SMO) to conduct clinical trials.
  • Since 1993 maintained consulting services for large and small pharmaceutical companies.
  • In 1996 created two additional SMOs with 6 physicians with up to 30 employees in two major cities and six doctors.
  • In 1999 developed a contract research organization (CRO) to manage regulatory trials for startups in Europe and the United States utilizing a worldwide team of professionals.
  • In 2011 launched a development company devoted to assisting pharmaceutical startups, giving hands-on experience in working in many small companies and startups.
  • In 2011 begin financing services for pharma startups for which we performed due diligence on over 80 companies to evaluate their suitability for potential success.